Harleston Hall, formerly South Hall, completed in 1991, was the subject of a successful card-access pilot project during the fall 2001 semester. Entry through the exterior doors of South is via the students’ proximity fob, issued along with their keys. Bedroom doors are accessible only via key. For more information about the card access project, call the Office of Public Safety at 617.627.3912.

Location – Harleston Hall is located downhill, conveniently next to basketball and tennis courts as well as the Ellis Oval and Baronian Field House. Harleston is also next to Aidekman Arts Center, and it is close to Dewick-MacPhie Dining Hall. A student parking lot is situated directly adjacent to the residence hall. Harleston Hall is a staffed residence hall, with one Resident Proctor and eleven Resident Assistants. It is built on the former site of the Tufts Golf Course.

Harleston Hall – View floor plan

Rooms – The average double room is 9.3′ x 16.4′. There are 158 doubles. The average single room is 9.3′ x 8.2′. There are 51 singles. Each room is furnished with moveable furniture consisting of an extra long twin bed, a desk, a desk chair and a built-in closet. The beds are multi-positioned beds that have eleven height adjustments up to 32 inches with 30 inches of space underneath when raised to maximum height. The use of solid cinder blocks or any other material, to raise the multi-position beds is prohibited in Harleston. The room also contains a built-in shelf, one window with metal Venetian blinds and a small mirror. The floors are linoleum tiled. Each room has its own adjustable heat. Harleston Hall is known for its thick walls, rooms shaped like a rectangle (long and thin as opposed to square), and the bright color scheme in the corridors. The 4th floor rooms have slanted dormer ceilings. Harleston Hall is a coed building, with the exception for the second floor, which has a male and a female wing

Bathrooms – Small, single-sex bathrooms are to be shared by four to six students. Each bathroom has one sink and counter, a separate toilet, and a shower stall with a bench and towel hook.

Common Areas – Small lounges are located off the hallways on each floor, for a total of 22 throughout the hall. Each consists of a window-seat couch or a table and chairs. A main lounge is located on the ground floor. One section contains several large couches, lamps, and a large television. A second section is separated from the first and designated as a conference/study room. This room contains several tables and chairs. The lounges and hallways are carpeted. An additional large common room is located in the basement. It contains some fitness equipment, table tennis, and a few tables and chairs. This area is also used as a practice/meeting room by various groups on campus.

Facilities – Harleston has one common kitchen on the first floor. It is equipped with a stove, oven, sink, refrigerator, large table and chairs. Ten washing machines and ten dryers are located in the basement, as well as numerous vending machines, a points transfer machine, and two indoor bicycle racks.



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