O2 Yoga allows students a place to grow in their practice, to be challenged, to work towards goals, and to be part of a community. Our Astanga-inspired, athletic, vinyasa classes are all building on a theme — every month, we have a specific focus that our teachers use to inspire their sequences — which gives students the chance to learn more about a posture or major tenet of the practice in a uniquely consistent way as each of our teachers approach that focus or theme in his or her own way. Every teacher at O2 has gone through Mimi’s 200-Hour Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training Program, so there will be a similarity in the way classes are constructed with the major difference from teacher to teacher being his or her perspective on the Pose of the Month.

Students often ask where to begin on a first visit to the studio, and, regardless of any previous experience, we always suggest Basics is the best way to get started. Our Basics classes are not designed as “beginners,” but, instead, are designed to focus on the foundations of the kind of yoga students will experience in the progressive style that is O2. Basics will break down how to do a vinyasa (Sun A) and may move a little slower through a sequence with extra care and attention paid to other elements of the practice students will see frequently in an O2-style class. We recommend students stick with Basics until they have a strong understanding of many of the foundations covered in that class level, specifically in regards to the Sun A (push up, up dog, down dog), breath, locks, and even prop usage. Students wishing for a more in-depth opportunity to go over these foundational aspects should keep an eye out for our Intro to O2 Yoga workshop.



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