Davis Station is a transfer station serving the MBTA’s rapid transit Red Line, located at Davis Square, the intersection of Holland Street, Elm Street, and College Avenue. By consequence of geography and system layout, Davis Station is one of only two rapid transit stations in Somerville, the other being Assembly on the Orange Line. It is bordered on both sides by stations that lie in Cambridge: Alewife and Porter. Facilities include a bus terminal for local routes, with a dedicated busway, two head houses and bicycle parking. Davis also includes connections to the Somerville Community Path and the Cambridge Linear Park.

BUS LINES FROM DAVIS: 87 Arlington Center 4:42pm; 88 Clarendon Hill 4:49pm; 89 Sullivan 4:52pm; 94 Medford Square 4:53pm; 96 Medford Square 4:58pm; 87 Arlington Center 4:59pm; 88 Clarendon Hill 5:07pm; 89 Sullivan 5:11pm; 94 Medford Square 5:13pm; 90 Wellington 5:15pm; 96 Medford Square 5:19pm; 87 Arlington Center 5:19pm; 89 Sullivan 5:31pm; 88 Clarendon Hill 5:33pm; 94 Medford Square 5:33pm; 87 Arlington Center 5:42pm; 96 Medford Square 5:43pm; 89 Sullivan 5:51pm; 94 Medford Square 5:53pm; 88 Clarendon Hill 5:53pm; 87 Arlington Center 6:02pm; 96 Medford Square 6:05pm; 90 Wellington 6:05pm; 89 Sullivan 6:09pm; 88 Clarendon Hill 6:12pm



Holland St, Somerville, MA 02144